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Plant Services
KVM offer comprehensive service in the UK at both asphalt plants and concrete production plants. KVM fitters / service engineers are very experienced in:

Depending on the circumstances, KVM utilize either fitters / service engineers from Denmark or through our UK partners.

KVM now offer yearly preventative check of asphalt plants, checking every aspect of the plant, replacing wear parts and giving recommendations. Please contact us for further details.

Telephone/Modem Service:

KVM offer 24 hour telephone/modem service. KVM can provide expert help over the phone, including both technical and production help. The number is 00 45 87 702 700

You will be assisted by technical staff, who also have much practical experience. Many problems can often be solved this way. When a plant has a modem, a KVM technician can go online and utilise control program to locate a problem.

If it then appears necessary to send a KVM fitter to site, the information provided by the telephone/modem service can help in isolating the problem. This means that the fitter will be able to do the job faster and minimise any loss of production.

Apart from delivering machinery to the customer, KVM provide full loop project management too, run closely between all parties involved, to assure satisfaction for all stakeholders.
Projects are carefully managed during all four stages, and usually consist of the following sequence:

  1. Definition of the project; from proposal documents to the order confirmation.
  2. Design of project process; development of the aggregate project plan, Gantt charts, resource planning and supply chain.
  3. Delivering the project; control of supply, resources and timescale. Aiming to perform rather than conform, following the strategic goals of quality and efficiency.
  4. Redevelopment of the process; review and improvements for future projects.

When CDM regulations apply, the customer usually act as both client and principal contractor where KVM takes on the role as designer, manufacturer and contractor. KVM does however provide taking on the role as principal contractor too, should the client wish so.

Project Support
Training Courses
During and after a project, KVM offer training courses for the future employees of the plants.

A training course makes the operator able to do adjustments to the equipment, understand the systems and cycles, optimize the processes, trouble shoot and do daily maintenance.

We often do training on site too, using the new plant.
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Dial: 00 45 87 702 700
KVM is accredited SAFEcontractor by National Britannia.